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Brother/Sister - Sean Olin Brother/Sister is a really bizarre book and is pretty dark for the Young Adult genre. I feel like I went on a roller coaster between liking and not liking it. I can say one thing, though. The ending completely rocked my world and because of it, I would definitely read the book again- which isn't something I say very often. The novel is a great example of what I feel like English teachers have emphasized all of my life- first person point of view is not always accurate. Throughout the story, you have no clue who is right- Will or Asheley. They contradict each other a lot. Personally, I think that both of their views held some truth and some lies. But, it certainly made for an interesting read.

The story itself has a pretty good plot line. At the beginning, I wasn't very happy with the writing style or the fact that Will admitted to murder so early. But, as it went on, the novel held some surprises for me and I ended up liking Olin's writing more and more. I'm not saying it's worse or better than some other styles that are out there, but it's refreshingly unique, which I respect him for. The story was fast paced and like I said before, fairly dark. I liked that aspect of it- Olin did a great job at getting into the mind of a killer. As other reviewers mentioned, it also wavers on the disturbing side. There aren't very many graphic depictions of murder. The darkness really stems from Will's past AND the affection he holds for his sister. Not very many young adult novels address brother/sister relationships, which was another aspect that made this book interesting. It's a little on the mature side (because of the sexual tension between the two), but nothing that I don't think teens 14 and up could handle.

Of course, I did find some issues with this book, too. But, none of them were terrible. I think they were more so out of Olin's writing style than anything else. For example, there's hardly any description. I didn't mind this too much, except for the fact that he doesn't even tell you about the appearances of any characters. Also, the book abruptly ends. The last sentence is absolutely shocking, but then... there's nothing else. You don't really find out the fate of the main characters, which I thought was slightly irking. Then again, it really leaves a lot open for the reader's own interpretation, which is nice. All in all, this book is just extremely different- in a good way. It's a very fast read and has a good story to it. I would recommend Brother/Sister to anyone that's interested. It's definitely worth your time. If it seems a little slow at the beginning, just stick with it. I promise, it will get better as it goes along. I think I'll read it again soon, just to see if I notice anything new after reading the end.