Maddie's Books

Hello there. I like to read. And I'll add more later, haha.

Follow Your Heart: Your Best Friend's Boyfriend - J.E. Bright A fun little choose your own destiny book.
I kind of had a couple of problems with it, but you can never really take these sorts of books seriously. I didn't think it portrayed high school students very well and thought it was kind of weird how drastically the endings varied from one another. Because of this, I couldn't get a good feel for Mike's character. In one ending, he was nice. In the next, he was a creep. It really seemed like he was eight characters, rather than one.

Either way, still a relaxed, easy read. I got it for a quarter at my library, so nothing lost. I'd recommend it for middle schoolers, but not really many others... unless you can get it cheap and think it sounds good.