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Hello there. I like to read. And I'll add more later, haha.

Ali's Pretty Little Lies - Sara Shepard This was a really good book. Full review to come later. I noticed a couple things that didn't match up with the series, but that might just be my bad memory from reading the first couple books and/or maybe Shepard really intended for the other girls' interpretations to be wrong. Who knows. But, it was interesting to get into Ali's head and learn the method behind her madness, so to speak. There's a big twist at the end and I'm still not entirely sure WHAT I think of it, but it's driving me crazy that Shepard left it open and didn't fill you in on the details, haha. Overall, it's a really good book. If you've followed the books up until now, you definitely need to read it. It would be really good to read in between books 8 and 9 too, but the twist at the end also makes you look at the things going on in the most recent books from a different view. That's all I'm gonna say. Go read it.