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Stalker Girl - Rosemary Graham Stalker Girl is a weird book, and I'm not really sure what I think of it. If I could rate it a 2.5, I would. Since that's not possible, I just rounded up. The beginning is fairly slow, even though that's where some of the important action takes place. It does get better as you enter part two, though. From there through the first half of part three, I was reading through the book at a good pace. But, after a while I was really just hoping it would end. The novel isn't that long to begin with, but I feel like Graham could have still summed it up a little faster.

I'm not going to go into much of a summary of the books or its parts, since you can gather that from other reviews. However, much like some of the other readers, I thought that part two was the best. It was decently fast paced and more interesting than the rest of the novel. The ironic part is that this portion of the book was pure background information, set before Carly began to even think of stalking anyone. Looking back now, I think that the actual stalking parts were a little rushed and just had an overall weird tone to them. This could have been because the author was trying to portray how crazy such an event would be. Or maybe it was just that she was more comfortable writing laid-back, romantic scenes than chapters in which Carly was on edge.

Either way, I thought that Stalker Girl was just okay. Part two gave you a little bit more of an insight to Carly's character, but by the end she changes so much that I still thought she was kind of nuts. Overall, the book feels more like it's about Carly and Brian's relationship than Carly's stalking habits, considering the times when she's following Taylor around are so far and in between. There are a lot better novels that you could read about stalking, but if you're looking for a light YA book, then this might be fine for you. I'd recommend borrowing it from a library rather than purchasing Stalker Girl, though. I'll never read it again and I doubt very many people other people will either.